Like with changing accountants or bank accounts people have the impression that it is difficult and time consuming to transfer their payroll from one provider to another or from processing it in house to outsourcing it.

When in fact it is actually very straight forward.

You can transfer your payroll any month of the year. April is the easiest time as it is the start of the new tax year therefore there are no mid year figures to bring across. However, payroll software accommodates mid year transfer details hence you can move at any time.

Once you have selected your new payroll provider and notified your existing provider that you are moving then on processing the final payroll they will either generate reports or export the payroll history for the current tax year to a csv file. Your new provider will then import the information into their software and send you an introduction to using their services.

Your employees will then be notified to activate their new payslip portals.

Before you go live with the new provider you should have already discussed and agreed on the processes both parties will follow so there aren’t any surprises.

Like with anything their can be teething issues, but the main thing is that the flow of communication is good.

For information on transferring your payroll to Payroll Compliance Ltd please email or ring 01275 858001.