We cherished our carers as they were part of the family caring daily for my Mum’s needs taking the brunt of the personal care away so that Dad, my siblings, and I could enjoy the time we had with Mum.

As employers ourselves we were lucky in that we knew that we needed a PAYE scheme set up for the carer or in our case carers and that we had to process a monthly payroll for them.  It is worth noting that you’re classed as an employer if you pay a carer or personal assistant directly, even if you get money from your local council (‘direct payments’) or the NHS to pay for them.

At Payroll Compliance we help many people who suddenly find themselves to be employers of carers and are happy to process the payroll for just one employee as we know first-hand how daunting it can be if you are not used to processing payroll.

For help and support in setting up and processing your carers payroll please email rachel@payroll-compliance.co.uk or call 01275 858001

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