How to ensure HMRC communications are genuine 

The number of scams is on the up and in the current economic climate, we can expect to see more. Scammers have been using fake HMRC letters and calls to commit fraud. To help safeguard people from scammers HMRC publishes a list of its current communication campaigns, which can be found here:

HMRC sends out communications in a variety of ways so it can be difficult to tell if the communication is genuine or not. The Government guide will help you to determine if the email, letter or call is legitimate, list of current communications covers;

  • The communication methods used for each campaign
  • The information you’ll be provided with 
  • What information (if any) is requested from you

If you receive a communication not on this list which appears to be a scam you should report it to HMRC for further investigation, to do this go to: