When preparing your payroll to send to your payroll provider ensure you gather all the relevant information needed for them to process the payroll accurately and on time.

More often than not amendments to the payroll are caused by missed communication. 

For the month of October 2022 our payroll team at Payroll Compliance have achieved 100% turnround of client payroll within 24hours, and 99.83% accuracy on payrolls before going to the client for approval. We received 35 client amendments this month that were client errors; most of the time the information we receive is perfect but at times it can be rushed by the client and that’s when amendments are needed. The main reasons for client amendments are:

️ correction to employee hours

⚠️ not informing us of employee pay rises, commission, or bonuses

⚠️adding in employee overtime after the payroll has been approved

⚠️forgetting to tell us that someone has been off sick or on annual leave

⚠️not providing new starter information

⚠️not notifying us of a leaver or providing a leave date

Payroll specialists are not mind readers, for instance, if you have a leaver, we need the leave date to produce the P45.

At Payroll Compliance our payroll software makes it simple for employers to upload their employee information each pay run reducing the number of amendments required.

For more information check out our website www.payroll-compliance.co.uk or email rachel@payroll-compliance.co.uk.

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