There are 174 payroll legislations which are updated regularly and that affect the payroll processed each month, being in breach of any of these legislations can see a company being issued penalties by HMRC.

At Payroll Compliance Ltd we specialise in processing payrolls for micro, small and medium businesses from a wide variety of industries. If your business has a pulse we can help, our clients range from director only payrolls to companies with 200+ employees.

Having originally been the payroll department of an accountancy practice, in 2014 we set up an autonomous payroll bureau for businesses that wanted the expertise of a payroll department without having to pay the costs of creating one in house.

Keeping up to date with all the payroll legislations is too much for some and by stepping aside from the accountancy practice we found that not only businesses wanted to outsource their payroll to us but also Accountants, Bookkeepers and HR specialists. These are experts in their own field that straddle the payroll world but even they acknowledge the benefits of getting the specialists in.

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